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Frankenmuth Auto Fest 2003

in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Car Show Pictures

2004 Auto Fest is September 10th - 12th

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Where you can get some of the best rates available in Frankenmuth, Michigan. If you are visiting Frankenmuth, there is information on the shopping, restaurants, attractions, and other events in the city of Frankenmuth. Come to fun town and enjoy the great hospitality and fun for the whole family. Frankenmuth is a great place to spend the weekend.

The cars at autofest are amazing! All types of hotrods, classic cars, muscle cars, and more. Chevrolets, Fords, Dodge, Chrysler, VW, and oh so many more rare and classic cars gather for this great event.

The Frankenmuth AutoFest 2003 was a hit! Over 2600 cars were registered in the car show, and many more showed up just to cruise.

Check out the out all the cool car show pictures. The Frankenmuth Car Show is a great time. It is a great family event, and there are TONS of fantastic cars. The work that the people do to these cars is really outstanding. The cars at this show are just fantastic. The Frankenmuth Auto Fest is a great place to spend a weekend.