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An Interesting Interview With Gigablast Founder Matt Wells

ACM Queue - A Conversation with Matt Wells - When it comes to competing in the search engine arena, IS bigger always better?
:: Todd Malicoat 8:18 AM
:: Sunday, April 18, 2004 ::
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Yahoo! Releases New Search Technology

Yahoo! is no longer using Google results. They are using their own technology now. Read the article at
Yahoo! Birth of a New Machine

:: Todd Malicoat 9:22 PM
:: Saturday, March 13, 2004 ::
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Ten Ways To Make Windows XP Run Better

Make Windows XP run better. Windows has made things "easier" but not always better. This article gives some tips on how to improve the performance of your XP machine.
InformationWeek > Langa Letter > Langa Letter: Ten Ways To Make Windows XP Run Better > December 10, 2001

:: Todd Malicoat 2:02 PM
:: Sunday, July 20, 2003 ::
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