Planning, Developing, and Promoting Successful Small Business Websites

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Website Planning
Plan Your Web Site Effectively for Max Success

Types of Websites
Explore the types of Web Site Business Models

Site Types 2
More information on the strategic types of sites

Strategic Planning
Strategy Planning is essential to Success

Strategic Planning 2
Make sure your strategy is up to snuff

Strategic Planning 3
Technical Strategic Planning an Outsourcing Contract Work

Strategic Planning 4
More on Outsourcing Contract Work

Content Planning
Deciding what will go on your business site and who will provide it

Content Planning 2
Determing a schedule for content management

Content Planning 3
Automation for Content Syndication

Keyword Planning Suggestions on preparing keyword research for your site.

Information Architecture
Brainstorming and organizing the architecture of your website.

Information Architecture 2
More discussion on the lower tiers of site heirarchy

Technology Planning Scaleability considerations for large and growing sites.

Tech Planning 2Weighing the value of flash technology.

Budgetary Planning
Creating a budget and using it effectively

Budgetary Planning 2
What type of web host will you need?

Budgetary Planning 3
Labor related expenses for site creation

Budgetary Planning 4
Measuring financial success and ROI

Developing a Web Site

Design and Development
Establishing the importance of credibility in design.

Form Versus Function
Establishing the design priorities of a site.

Writing the Initial Code
Programming considerations for when you get down to programming.

Web Design Coding

Design and Layout


Psychology Considerations

Website Colors

User Satisficing

Validation and Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Search Engine Friendly

Webpage Development

Title Tags

SEO Variables

Promoting a Web Site

Promotion and Analysis

Offline Promotion

Pay-Per-Click Advertising


PPC Tools

Search Engine Optimization

SEO History

Google History

E-mail Marketing

Website Analysis


Planning, Developing, and Promoting a Successful Small Business Website

Website Budgetary Planning Page 18

Website Labor Expense Planning

The other major expense involved in running a successful website is the labor to create and maintain the website. Capable programmers, developers, and designers are not normally cheap laborers. Managing the payroll for a website project will be a major portion of the budgetary planning of a website. Some companies will need to have a website developer or staff of developers in-house, while other companies may be able to contract the work out to another agency for better value. Quality developers can be hard to find, and many large fortune 500 companies even choose to use contracted labor through large interactive advertising agencies. Additional payroll expenses such as merchant accounts, payment gateways, and security certificates related to the website will also be generated in e-commerce websites. For any e-commerce site there must be a budget and plan for order fulfillment to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Most sites take an extended period of time to succeed. It can take a site three to six months from site launch to get listed completely in the search engines, and sometimes more for the entire site to be indexed and register all of the hyper-links from other sites. During this time, many sites turn into a black hole of expenses that can bankrupt a non-savvy small businessperson that has not planned accordingly. Between development costs and hosting costs the monthly expenses pile up quick!

It is during the initial budgeting phase when many of the “cool” elements of a site should be put on hold until a later time. Shockwave elements in a site add a lot of visual credibility to a site and increase the “wow” factor but are not always necessary when budgets are thin. They can be very expensive to create, but can be put off until deemed more necessary.

The test of necessity should also play a large role in determining how much time will be spent on achieving compatibility for older web browsers. Web-browsers are just starting to adhere to standards due to the relatively new nature of the Internet. Websites may not work in all browsers because, “the first four to five generations of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer did not merely tolerate non-standard markup and browser-specific code; they actually encouraged sloppy authoring and proprietary scripting in an ill-conceived battle to own the browser space.” (Zeldman, 2001, Many times developing sites to maintain their appearance in all browsers can be a costly (if even possible) endeavor. Planning a reasonable level of backward browser compatibility is necessary to keep end-users happy while not using up excessive amounts of a limited budget on a very small portion of visitors. The most important thing for browser compatibility is only that information is accessible in older browsers, and not necessarily that it is lavishly formatted.




(All in a single document) Appendix 1-1: Overture Search Term
Research Tool

Appendix 1-2: Wordtracker Search Query Research Tool

Appendix 1-3: Google Sets Website Theme Research Tool

Appendix 1-4: Reach/ Acquire/ Convert/ Retain

Appendix 2-5: Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth Information Architecture Flowchart

Appendix 2-6: Search Engine Themes Pyramid Information Architecture Example

Appendix 2-7: Webpage Download Time by File Size Chart

Appendix 2-8: Expected Locations for Common E-commerce Elements

Appendix 2-9: Website Usability Checklist

Appendix 2-10: Text Vs.Code Ratio/ Content Near the Top of Souce Code Examples

Appendix 3-11: Overture Bid Price Tool

Appendix 3-12: Webalizer Website Visitor Tracking Tool

Appendix 3-13: AW STATS Website Visitor Tracking Tool

3-14: Clicktracks Website Statistics
Analysis Tool


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