Planning, Developing, and Promoting Successful Small Business Websites

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Website Planning
Plan Your Web Site Effectively for Max Success

Types of Websites
Explore the types of Web Site Business Models

Site Types 2
More information on the strategic types of sites

Strategic Planning
Strategy Planning is essential to Success

Strategic Planning 2
Make sure your strategy is up to snuff

Strategic Planning 3
Technical Strategic Planning an Outsourcing Contract Work

Strategic Planning 4
More on Outsourcing Contract Work

Content Planning
Deciding what will go on your business site and who will provide it

Content Planning 2
Determing a schedule for content management

Content Planning 3
Automation for Content Syndication

Keyword Planning Suggestions on preparing keyword research for your site.

Information Architecture
Brainstorming and organizing the architecture of your website.

Information Architecture 2
More discussion on the lower tiers of site heirarchy

Technology Planning Scaleability considerations for large and growing sites.

Tech Planning 2Weighing the value of flash technology.

Budgetary Planning
Creating a budget and using it effectively

Budgetary Planning 2
What type of web host will you need?

Budgetary Planning 3
Labor related expenses for site creation

Budgetary Planning 4
Measuring financial success and ROI

Developing a Web Site

Design and Development
Establishing the importance of credibility in design.

Form Versus Function
Establishing the design priorities of a site.

Writing the Initial Code
Programming considerations for when you get down to programming.

Web Design Coding

Design and Layout


Psychology Considerations

Website Colors

User Satisficing

Validation and Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Search Engine Friendly

Webpage Development

Title Tags

SEO Variables

Promoting a Web Site

Promotion and Analysis

Offline Promotion

Pay-Per-Click Advertising


PPC Tools

Search Engine Optimization

SEO History

Google History

E-mail Marketing

Website Analysis


Planning, Developing, and Promoting a Successful Small Business Website

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business
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Search Engine Variables

Many less critical elements can help search engine rankings as well and should be considered and implemented during the development stage. One beneficial technique is to make important on page content appear as close to the top of the page in the website code as possible. (See Appendix 2-10) This can be accomplished by using CSS to position elements rather than table-based layouts. A common mistake of many websites is to place large javascripts or CSS code in the <head> of their page. This can be damaging to rankings, and slow down webpage load times. All scripts and CSS code should be called from an external file. Linking to these pieces of code will improve the overall performance of the site as well as SERPs.

Keeping the filesize small can be a deciding factor in which pages will rank higher. Small filesize is also of benefit to users. Every image should be examined for necessity, and pages should be divided into sub-pages if possible to accomplish smallest possible filesize.

Hyperlinks are a crucial element of SERPs. Specific external linking tactics will be discussed in the promotion section of this paper, but it is necessary to mention that the words chosen for linking can be of great benefit to a website. Linking from page to page on a site using primary keywords can help the rankings of those pages. For instance, if page A links to page B using the words “click here” it is much less likely to be found for the words “fuzzy green widgets” than if Page A links to Page B using the term “fuzzy green widgets”. The words chosen for linking should be those that the developer hopes to be found for in the search engines.

There are other tags in HTML that are often deemed “unnecessary” by many developers and even design programs. Titling elements such as heading tags and links according to what they represent are some of the tags that are often left out by developers. The same thing often happens for “alt” tags, which are used to describe an image for text-only browsers or web-page readers used by the visually impaired. These tags should be included for accessibility sake, and because they are likely to give small boosts in SERPs.

The final technique that should be employed at development time for higher SERPs is naming pages according to their content. For example, a page named “furry-blue-widgets.htm” with dashes between the primary keywords will be a much better name both for users and for SE’s than “arbitrarynameonlyauthorwillremember.htm”. Dashed page names are known to give minimal boosts with current search engine algorithms, but every little boost helps.

Learning the variables in a search engine’s algorithm during the development stage can save time and money during the promotion phase. This will also start drawing targeted traffic quickly and effectively. The proper development of a website from strategic planning will determine the effectiveness of any promotional campaigns held for a website in the future.



(All in a single document) Appendix 1-1: Overture Search Term
Research Tool

Appendix 1-2: Wordtracker Search Query Research Tool

Appendix 1-3: Google Sets Website Theme Research Tool

Appendix 1-4: Reach/ Acquire/ Convert/ Retain

Appendix 2-5: Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth Information Architecture Flowchart

Appendix 2-6: Search Engine Themes Pyramid Information Architecture Example

Appendix 2-7: Webpage Download Time by File Size Chart

Appendix 2-8: Expected Locations for Common E-commerce Elements

Appendix 2-9: Website Usability Checklist

Appendix 2-10: Text Vs.Code Ratio/ Content Near the Top of Souce Code Examples

Appendix 3-11: Overture Bid Price Tool

Appendix 3-12: Webalizer Website Visitor Tracking Tool

Appendix 3-13: AW STATS Website Visitor Tracking Tool

3-14: Clicktracks Website Statistics
Analysis Tool


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